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McKenzieBooks® is America's Trusted Online Textbook Buyer

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The Crew is an online used book buying service located in Hillsboro, Oregon. We are a family-owned business. Our team is committed to providing a simple, secure, and convenient way for anyone to sell their books and textbooks to us with confidence and receive instant price quotes, fast payment, and exceptional customer service.

A reliable and trusted buyer of quality used books since 2004, has purchased over 2 million books from 350,000 customers. We primarily offer our services to college students selling used college textbooks (online textbook buyback). But, we sometimes buy a bit of everything, including hardcover/paperback fiction and non-fiction--it doesn't hurt to plug in a few ISBNs to check and see.

You can also find this website at for short. And, our sister website is at

At, we are big on making sure that we add value to you, our customer! Here are four ways that we can provide value to you:

  1. Superior Service. We strive to continuously improve, and we are committed to service excellence.

  2. Keep it fast. We know you're busy! That's why we streamlined the process to be as quick as possible to sell your books and receive payment.

  3. Keep it simple. You won't find a complicated website or a lot of hassles here. Just an easy way to sell your books, ship for free, and get cash.

  4. Put money back in your pocket. Those college textbooks are just gathering dust, so why not turn them into cash? We offer payment via PayPal or check. reviews on

To show our commitment to outstanding customer service, we are a member of TrustPilot. You may read our ratings and reviews by clicking on the TrustPilot logo to the right.

Please also take a look at our media coverage page for videos and articles about (and our other site Cash4Books). We have a well-staffed customer service department to answer your questions via email or phone. We also have a full-time payments department, issuing payments 5 days a week. Automated emails keep you informed of our purchasing process every step of the way. And, you may log in to your account at any time to see the status of the books you sold to us.

Our mission

Helping people turn yesterday's books into today's cash.

Our vision

We are a growing and thriving e-commerce company that creates a positive customer experience by empowering our employees to be different and remarkable. We are a symbol of TRUST, QUALITY, and VALUE. We will innovate, improve, implement cutting edge ideas, and have fun doing it. We have a culture that is committed to serving and caring for our employees, customers, community, and environment.

Our contact information can be found here. We would also like to encourage you to take a look at our feedback and send us any new feedback you may have. Interested in reading more about the company history? Read Jim and Breanne's story of our humble beginnings in selling a few used textbooks online.

The core values of our company

  1. Commit to Service Excellence
    Strive to be the best and aspire to the highest level of excellence in our service. Empower our employees to contribute and excel.
  2. Improve Continuously
    Embrace change, drive innovation and promote excellence. Encourage bold and creative thinking.
  3. Support The Team
    Be a team player. Participate. Support the goals of the entire team through daily actions.
  4. Be Considerate Of Others
    Kind, friendly, considerate, and open-minded towards others.

To learn more about what we're up to, visit the Cash4Books Blog.

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