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Used Book Condition Policy

Last updated February 4, 2013

View our Condition Guidelines PDF for photo examples of our condition policy and McKenzie Books, Inc. (collectively "MB") will honor the quoted price for books received within 30 days that meet our condition standards.

Types of items MB will NOT accept and may discard* include:

Books will NOT be accepted* with any of the following conditions:

If a textbook originally came with a CD or DVD, the original CD/DVD must accompany the book when shipped to us. Any and all CD/DVDs must be in working condition, uninstalled, and unregistered from all computers.

MB reserves the right in its sole discretion to determine the condition of a book or other item upon receipt in MB's warehouse, regardless of any price quoted to you by MB, and to take price deductions or discard* accordingly.

Maximum Quantities: MB, in its sole discretion imposes a maximum quantity per ISBN, per account, and/or per IP address. Your seller cart will indicate how many of each book MB will purchase, indicated by "MAX=" for each book in your cart. After entering ISBNs, you can change quantities by clicking on "View your seller cart." If you are a reseller and/or have large numbers of books above MB's allowable maximum, please send us an email and MB's Inventory Management team will correspond with you. Additional copies of books sent to MB over and above the allowed maximum quantity will NOT be accepted.*

*Items not accepted by MB will only be shipped back to the Seller at the Seller's expense. Items not accepted will be held for 30 days; after that time, these items will be recycled, donated, or used to support the community and environment at MB's discretion. MB will post a notice of any deductions for items not accepted on the seller's account within 2 business days after receipt. If the Seller would like their unaccepted items returned, the Seller must contact MB promptly, through email or phone, to provide payment for return shipping costs.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our Used Book Condition Policy. Thank you.